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When it comes to renting out a limousine service, you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Most people rent a limousine service in order to satisfy a craving of theirs, whether it be to be the most popular person in town, be the life of the party, or to celebrate a wedding day. Instead of wasting time and years of your life by being “cheap” or looking for the “most economical” limo in town, why not do yourself a favor and get yourself the best limo town in the area? You will be much more excited and will have much more fun and cherishable memories. It makes more sense to have a memorable experience and a more unique ride across the town than to be focused on money. If you wanted to be economical, chances would be that you would get a carshare service or you would carpool. You do not rent a limousine to save money, because there are plenty of better ways to do that. Namely, sell your car and ride a bike. However, who wants to remember their wedding by having their bride ride a bike? Very few, and I doubt you are part of that crowd? Therefore, save yourself the stress, the embarassment, the multiple webclicks, and just invest into something nice. Our limos are far superior and much better than anyone else’s limos, and we do not have to say that twice. It is a fact. Any other person who claims to be doing you justice is lying to your face to get a dollar. Any person claiming to get you the “best that money can buy” while selling you a used, unimpressive limousine is just a conman for your money.

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Think about it. In 15 years, will you really be excited that you saved $50/hour on a limousine and ended up with a second rate limousine service, or will you be proud of the investment you made, realizing you did everything possible to give yourself the best experience? You will be much more excited and joyful to have done everything possible to enjoy the limousines you rented. If they are the exact limos you want, then get it! Remember, if you wanted to save money, you would not be getting a limo. If you wanted a wedding of this caliber, you should not be price shopping a limo. Get what you want! If your budget is too small, then postpone the wedding. Many a bride will still love you if you hold the wedding to gather the funds. After all, how many wives would get married if you lacked the funds for a marriage ring? In our opinion, not very much. Therefore, you should not be wasting your time obtaining a limo for cheap, or looking for banquet halls for cheap, or doing anything for cheap! It is a waste of a fantastic and fond memory to do things like that, and it will only serve to hurt and undermine your worth. Our limo company strives to provide nothing secondary to high quality service. Our transportation team has worked with many other couples, and we are dedicated to allowing you to get the quality limo, party bus, coach bus, shuttle bus, sedan, or any other vehicle you need. We have a huge fleet, and we have the vehicles which will make you live a dream come true. Elegance is the name of the game, and AG Limo has it down packed. Our business has been in operation for years and continues to grow. We employ more people from the community, meaning we provide jobs for more people across the country. This would not possible if we did not provide quality customer service, quality referrals, quality limos, and quality around the board? Why waste time doing things which are going to lead to a poor outcome? For example, our services include:




We strive to take your event to the next level, whether you wish to show to the prom in style, you wish to have a memorable moment at the wedding, or desire to create an excellent ambience at the anniversary. Regardless of what your method is, the more you spend on your future, the more your future pays you back. Why would you choose to do anything else? As you consistently build memories worth living with the people you love the most, you are choosing to invest in relationships which are, above all, meaningful. Meaningful relationships are the only ones which matter anyways, and I hope you’re able to see that. Those which skimp on these lessons are the ones who look back after time has passed and say “Man, I wish things would have turned out differently.”

Don’t be that person. Be the person who chooses the right company with the right customer philosophy. We have excellent service: we work hard at earning and keeping your business and patronage, so we strive for excellence in all our business dealings. Our drivers are trustable, knowledgeable, and will make sure your event goes very smoothly. Why waste time with any other drivers? We are incredibly customer-focused. Since each couple is different, we have a wide selection of limousine choices, as well as sedans, SUVs, and party buses. We do not hide that we have a wide selection. You’re able to contact us to see the types of limos we provide and the types of service offered.

Do you want group transportation? We offer quality transportation for 50 to 500 people at very comfortable rates. We are able to enhance your celebration, with executive services being provided as well. We are also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so we make the necessary accommodations to allow those who need handicaps. Call us to know how we are able to be of service of those with disabilities. We also have shuttles available for those of you who may need a customized shuttle service. We are contacted by various organizations, ranging form non-profit to profit to government sectors. Regardless of what area in business you operate in, you are able to call us for your shuttle bus needs.